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Safety Slogan

  • Fugitive from the laws of averages: A person who doesn't wear their helmet while driving a motorcycle.
    A fugitive from the laws of averages: That's you if you don't use your safety gear!
    A fugitive from the laws of averages: That's you if you drink and drive.
    A healthy tan is the first sign of skin cancer.
    A safer you is a safer me.
    A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.
    Accidents hurt -- safety doesn't.
    Alert today. Alive tomorrow.
    Anger is one letter away from Danger. Drive gently.
    Apply your good intention to accident prevention.
    As screwed up as a bag of wire coat hangars--maintenance done without the MIMS.
    As soon as you see a mistake and don't fix it, it becomes your mistake.
    As temperatures rise, stay safety wise.
    At work at play, let safety lead the way.
    At work, at home, let safety be known.
    Be alert! Accidents hurt.
    Be safe at work or you might miss welcome home, a hug, a kiss.
    Be safety smart right from the start.
    Before you do it, take time to think through it. Use ORM.
    Being safe is like breathing. You never want to stop.
    Better to arrive late than never. Drive carefully!
    Broken tools can be replaced. You can’t.
    CAUTION - I Brake For Stop Signs!
    Chance takers are accident makers.
    Check your shoes and don't let your day slip away. s
    Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
    Crashing sucks!
    Danger never takes a vacation.
    Do the easy work first--you could be replaced before the hard work starts.
    Do you know how to report an unsafe condition in your workplace?
    Don't be a fool! Inspect your electrical tools.
    Don't be a fool. Use the proper tool.
    Don't be safety blinded, be safety minded.
    Don't fix the blame, fix the problem.
    Don't just preach safety, profit from it.
    Don't learn safety by accident.
    Don't lose your head: Read signs instead.
    Don't put your life on the line. Think safety.
    Don't treat an emergency as normal and don't treat normal actions as emergencies.
    Double check to prevent a wreck.
    Drinking and driving – There are stupider things, but it's a very short list.
    Drinking and flying is not OK.
    Drive for safety.
    Drive like people out there are trying to kill you, because they are!
    Drive with reason this summer season.
    Expect the unexpected. Gear up for safety.
    Falling objects can be brutal if you don't protect your noodle.
    FOD--This isn't your daddy's flight line.
    Folks don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
    Forget the nurse with safety first.
    Forgot your hearing protection? Forget about hearing!
    Get a grip. To prevent a slip, use hand rails.
    Get In S.T.E.P. Safety Takes Every Person.
    Get smart! Use safety from the start.
    Good habits will normally keep you out of bad trouble.
    Hand in, hamburger out.
    Hard hats, they're not just for decoration.
    Have another day – by being safe today!
    Health and safety, words to live by.
    Hearing protection is a sound investment.
    "Hey, wanna see something cool?" (Last words uttered before a mishap)
    If you don’t have time to do it safe, do you have time to do it with a man down?
    If you don’t know what is going to happen, there is no way to stop it. Plan ahead for safety.
    If you don't think it's safe, it probably isn't. Stop the job and contact your supervisor.
    If you drink and drive, you might as well smoke.
    If you mess up, ‘fess up.
    If you think your safety specialist is a pain....try a leg fracture.
    If you're going to be stupid, you have to be tough!
    Ignoring a warning can cause much mourning.
    Informed is better than deformed.
    Is better to crash into a nap... than to nap into a crash.
    Is better to lose one minute in life... than to lose life in a minute.
    It hurts to be unsafe.
    Just because you always did it that way, doesn't make it right.
    Labels are no good if they're not understood.
    Learn from others mistakes, don't have others learn from you.
    Living with your mistakes is harder than you think.... wear your safety gear.
    Momma didn't raise no fool... I use PPE to stay cool!
    Never check a gas tank with a lighted flare.
    Our job is to save Sailors from themselves.
    People helping people--lending hands for our safety.
    Pretend like you are invisible when driving a motorcycle or bicycle, because a small percentage of people driving cars will never see you.
    Professionals Practice Safety
    Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance.
    Remember – Safety is not a job; it is a way of life.
    "Safe and Sane" fireworks are neither, if the person shooting them off isn’t, too.
    Safety – A small investment for a rich future.
    Safety doesn't happen by accident.
    Safety doesn't slow the job down but mishaps do. Safety gear – 2 minutes ... Risk assessment – 5 minutes ... A mishap that takes a life – forever.

  • Safety glasses: Making foresight 20/20.
    Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.
    Safety is a zero-injury goal.
    Safety isn’t a hobby, it’s a living.
    Shortcuts don't cut it.
    Slip, trip and fall are four-letter words.
    Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you.
    Step up, be safe, or step aside.
    Stretch and flex for your health and safety.
    The only excuse for poor safety is poor planning.
    The stupid shall be punished.
    There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth getting.
    There's no such thing as new accidents, just new victims.
    This is not a hobby for me--I do this for a living.
    This machine can kill you.
    This tool will punch you in the face , if you let it.
    To learn about eye protection, ask someone who has one.
    True love is a blank OSHA 300 log on December 31st.
    Unprepared = Unsafe.
    Use your head figuratively--wear a helmet.
    What would improve safety on your job? Tell your boss.
    When everything else fails, follow the instructions.
    While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work.
    You always have time to do things right after a mishap.
    You can’t cure stupidity.
    You can't get "home," unless you're "safe."
    You get the level of safety that you are prepared to walk past.
    Your safety is everyone's responsibility, especially yours.
    Check out other safety slo
    Put your money on safety, it's a blue-chip investment.
    Falling objects can be brutal if you don't protect your noodle.
    Those precious fingers don't ignore. . . Or they could end up on the floor.
    Protect your back Use a jack.
    One rung too high and you could die
    When you're done messin' up, sweep your darn resin up
    The hotter it gets on the outside, the more water you need inside
    Don't get caught in the web of unsafe acts. (This is written in the background of a spider web.)
    Don't get spooked by safety. (This is placed next to a picture of a ghost)
    Wipe Up and avoid a Slip Up!
    Safe Operators are Smooth Operators
    Personal Protective Equipment is Self Defense
    Time runs out on luck..Do the job the safe way
    We need you! Work safely.
    What you don't know about Safety could Hurt you
    Why learn the hard way? Obey safety rules.
    Wishing won't keep you safe; Safety Will
    Working together gets the job done safely.
    Working without Safety is a Dead-End Job
    You can never over do Safety
    Don't work alone Watch for others
    Flesh and Bone are no match for a grinding Stone
    One bad day at the grinder could ruin your whole life.
    Don't get caught with your guard could be dis-arming
    Guard against man eating machines
    Machine guards keep you on your side.
    Trying to make up time could cost you your life.
    Protect your hands.....Use your head.
    Be hand-in-glove with safety.
    Use your wits.....use padded mitts.
    Replacing a saw guard is easier than replacing a finger.
    Think sharp....never handle broken glass with bare hands.
    Using Safety gloves is all in your hands.
    Safety is our goal...Whats yours?
    Protect your hands, you need them to pick up your pay check.
    Quench the thirst--Safety First
    Do the do's not the don'ts
    Business stalls if you slip and fall
    Lead the way, safety today
    Save tomorrow.think safety today
    Those who work the safest way, live to work another day!
    Wear safety shoes and keep a good footing on life.
    To avoid a scene keep your work place clean.
    Stop ! Think ! Then Act !
    Protect your thoughts and wear a hard hat.
    Keep a grip on life and protect your hands.
    Think safety and act Safely.
    A harness is better than a hearse.
    Be aware of slips and trips.
    SAFETY - The measure of success.
    If in doubt check it out - Safety First.
    Check your shoes and don't let your day slip away.
    Yes safety is my business
    Safety rules are there to follow. So take care and we will see you tomorrow.
    Safety...Do It For Family
    Safety is a race we can all win
    Our Job is Anchored in Safety
    Safety is a Frame of Mind, Get the Picture
    Safety starts with "S" but begins with "YOU"
    Use safety as a vital tool, at work it's the "Golden Rule"
    Forgot your hearing protection? Forget about hearing!
    (some of these are fire-fighter slogans) Volunteers do it for free!

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